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The strategic development or large organisations is often described in terms of systematic analysis and exploration, grant (2003). However, in reality this is not the way that strategy develops in practice. Mintzberg (1985) suggested that such plans will inevitably be subject to change the emergent strategies will have to be developed.

Discuss, with examples, why the traditional rational planning process usually has to respond to constantly changing circumstances

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Characters Personal Growth and How They Come to Age

Cecile in Bonjour Tristesse
Bonjour Tristesse is a novel by Francoise Sagan about a 17 year old Cecile who spends her summer on an apartment in French Riviera with her father and her young step mother. Her character motif is elucidated with how she interacts with those around her. Her personal life is influenced by her father’s way of life. Cecile learns through socialization and gradually matures into making bold decisions that influence the course of her life and those around her. Elsa is sassy, fashionable and gets along with Cecile. His father is a worldly character who cares little about the well being of her daughter. He grunts her liberty to pursue what she desires. Her father has no interests in her studies because he expects Cecile to align her lifestyle to the superficial social ways of life he cares for. Cecile falls in love with Cyril a 20 year old man and experiences her first sexual romance. Their vacation is cut short with the arrival of Ann, Raymond’s peer whom he had vaguely invited. Ann is hardworking, intelligent and perceives herself as Cecile’s godmother.

The three women are all attracted to Raymond. In the end Anne becomes Ray’s lover and Elsa is forced out of their villa. Anne announces her engagement to Raymond and takes full authority over Cecile. She abhors Cecile from seeing Cyril and insists that she should
concentrate on her studies. Cecile’s life becomes a burden as she had gotten used to her father’s lazy way of life. She feels her way of life is under attack and devices a scheme to prevent Raymond and Anne’s marriage although the move renders her remorseful. Cecile’s plan involves bringing Cyril and Elsa together as lovers. Raymond is devastated by their supposed relationship; he becomes jealous and pursues Elsa. Anne gets heartbroken and while she was driving away, her car veers off into a cliff and she perishes. Cecile gets back to the villa with her father and Elsa. She is haunted by Anne’s death and lives knowing that her manipulations resulted to her demise. She asserts that when things are silent, she constantly thinks of Anne and feels saddened.

Julia in the Age of Miracles
The Age of Miracles is a first novel by Karen Thompson Walker. It is a fictional chronicle of slowing in which the Earth takes longer to end. Understanding the character evolution of Julia involves analysis of her personal developments and the decisions she makes out of every event
of her life. The novel begins with Julia as an 11 year old living in California. Prior to her birth the world undergoes unprecedented phenomena termed slowing where the normal cycle of the Earth is altered to take longer. The new natural development creates varied views among people. Julia is not spared by the slowing effect. The slowing alters her natural adjustments in life and forces her to mature up gradually than expected. Within her 12 th birthday, Julia is completely transformed from her innocent childhood nature into acting as an adult. She is driven by the prevailing circumstances into understanding herself and the frustrations of everyone around her.

Julia’s mother suffers from a disorder created by slowing. Her father gets into an affair with a mistress, Sylvia and Julia learns of it but keeps it to herself. Julia’s grandfather goes missing. After the demise of her closest friend Hannah, Julia is devastated with life and out of loneliness;
she strikes up friendship with her long time crush Seth Mureno. Her transformations occur within one year. Events around Julia plunge her into further pain to hasten her character development. Due to the thinning of the Earth’s magnetosphere because of the slowing rotation, the solar super-storms strike the Earth. Seth is affected severely by this effect and almost dies.

He is forced to be driven to Mexico where the severities of slowing are not acute. Their relationship is adversely affected. Communication withers off as Julia receives one final mail from Seth. Julia is unable to reach out to Seth despite of the affection she has towards him. She holds on to hope that one day they will be reunited. Julia affirms her love for Seth as the novel ends with her reminiscing about the words they had shared with Seth on one summer day “we were here”. Julia is broken apart by the unfolding in her life but she is not swayed to change her love for Seth.

Lily in the Secret Life of Bees
The Secret Life of Bees is a novel by Sue Monk Kidd. The novel is about Lily a fourteen year old white girl growing up in startling societal unrests. Lily is consumed by a string of events around her life mixed with mystical happenings that drives her into running away in search for a better
life. When she was four, she killed her mother. Her character development in the novel is influenced by this incident. She is maladjusted, devastated and alone as she lives with her abusive father Mr. Ray who catalyzes her instant transformation. Her meaningful perception towards life is brought in through their black housekeeper who nurtured her. She inculcates affection in her and Lily’s love for Rosaleen tightly that she finds the racism in South Carolina as absurd. She is empathetic of Rosaleen as she grows up that she differs with her father on how he perceives their maid. Racism was prevalent in South Carolina. Lily demonstrates her early character development when she is driven to rescue Rosaleen out of prison and together they
escape to Tiburon to a home of August Boatwright. Her rough background gets her to lie about their circumstances to be taken in. This is a revelation of her grown up nature although she is very young. Lily’s life experiences get her to live ahead of her age. She is quick at grasping the underlying truths of those around her. Her advances in grasping life get her in a relationship with Zach an accomplice in the bee farm where they are employed.

The racial segregation she experienced in South Carolina breaks the affair and results in the death of May. Lily’s ability to learn about her environment had earlier on enabled her to learn of May’s personal woes with life. May’s death exposes the monsters troubling Lily. Lily is once again devastated by May’s death. She gets bitter with herself and believes once again that she was the reason why May had died. She acts and behaves like an adult when this incident forces to smash jars of honey and opts to run away because she feels devoid of human love. As a young one in trouble, August steps in to counsel her outlook towards life. While the incident unfolds, Ray traces her daughter and comes for her. August and Ray look at Lily as a toddler in need of tender love and care although she is already come of age. Ray lies to Lily that her mother had been found just to heal her inner troubles. The women at August farm gang together against Ray and Lily is left in the custody of August Boatwright.

Comparison of the Three Characters and How They Come of Age
Cecile, Julia and Lily are young characters aged between 11 and 17. They are driven into rapid psychological developments as a result of the prevailing circumstances in their individual lives. Julia’s background is exceptional when looked at from a social perspective. The events in her life
are triggered by supernatural phenomena unlike Cecile and Lily. Julia is exposed to societal humiliations indirectly. The slowing effect cuts across the entire society forcing everyone to the edge. She becomes a victim of these circumstances and learns rapidly from them. Having witnessed first-hand human devastations, she is forced to adjust to the prevailing circumstances and become psychologically mature. Her maturity is first revealed when she chose to remain silent after learning of her father’s illicit affair with Sylvia. She demonstrated some level of understanding in going about sensitive information that would otherwise result in chaos and family wrangles. Julia experiments with sexual intimacy at her 12 th birthday. She does so out of exposure to in depth solitude and loneliness after having seen and experienced death and loss of her closest friend Hannah. Her character development into maturity is gradual. She is stable. For this reason, Julia holds on to hope, after circumstances forced her to separate with Seth.

Cecile and Lily have synonymous rapid character developments. They become influenced by the immediate social aspects around them. Cecile emulates her reckless father. She matures quickly and acts as a fully grown adult. She understands her physical, and psychological environment rapidly that she is able to manipulate adults around her for her own interests. Her decisions lack sober judgment and cost Anne’s life. As a result, she is torn apart and lives in pain. Like Cecile, Lily suffers early psychological torture through the death of her mother. She is tormented by the death of her mother right from the onset of her life. Her childhood environment is marred with violence. She is forced to come of age at a tender age. At 14 years, she is able to confront the ills in society such as racism. She disagrees with her father and influences other adults around her. She escapes from her home because she is having inner unrests. Wherever she flees, her inner being keeps bothering her. She is in pain and unable to find love from any human around her. Lily curses herself and assumes early adult life due to her early exposure to psychological torture. She is unstable in what she does and desires to run away from her inner pains.

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