1. Suggested Title

Give a clear and concise title, indicating the problem area around which the research will be undertaken. The title is important and should summarise the essence of the research.

Word Guide -Outside the word count but max 15 words

2. Subject Area(s)

Examples of a subject area are international business, international business management, small business management, supply chain and logistics, project management, business analytics, human resource management, entrepreneurship, leadership, innovation management, corporate social responsibility, etc.

Word Guide -Outside the word count

3. Background/Motivation

Include a very brief description of the background to your topic in two-three sentences.

Explain why you have chosen specifically this topic.

For dissertation projects, it is usually a gap in the existing literature which may be resolved by theoretical approach and supported by empirical evidence or a real-life business problem that needs to be resolved.

Word Guide 500 words

4. Theoretical Background/Preliminary Literature Review

Give a brief initial critical review of the academic literature that you have read in formulating the proposal. Include the key seminal texts about your topic and any recent up-to-date research in the specific area. You need to show what is already known in connection with your research and what theoretical concepts underpin your work. The literature you look at must be about the theoretical business subject underpinning your topic as identified in section 2 Subject Area. For example: International Business, Marketing Strategy, Business Policy, Financial Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Project Management, Supply Chain and Logistics, etc., not about a specific organisation, company or product.

Don’t forget to give a list of references at the end of the proposal. Use the APA 7th Edition as the referencing guide.


Have you stated which theory or theories will inform what you are doing and how you will use them?

Word Guide 1000 (8-10 references at least)

5. Research Questions and the Research Methodology

In this section answer the below questions:

1. What is/are your research question(s)?

2. Tell us about your roadmap to conduct your research. How will you answer your research question(s)? Please write 3-4 research objectives to answer your question(s). Research objectives are statements that begin with

“To explore/understand……” or

“To critically review……” or

“To critically evaluate……” or

“To analyse….” or

 “To recommend…”


3. Explain what type of research philosophy (i.e. positivist or interpretivist) and what type of approach to theory-making (i.e. deductive or inductive) you will adopt.

4.What type of data do you aim to collect for your research? Secondary or primary?

5.How do you aim to collect your data? Using previously done research in journal articles, book, technical reports, publicly available statistical data, etc. or conduct survey/questionnaire/interview.

6. How will you analyse your data? Using qualitative methods, i.e. case study(ies) of qualitative data or using quantitative methods, i.e. charts, figures, regression analyses of quantitative data or mixed methods research.


Have you stated your research question(s), research aim and research objectives?

Have you outlined how you will conduct your research?

Have you stated under which research philosophy and approach does your research fall into?

Have you outlined what data you need?

Have you stated how you will collect your data?

Have you stated how you will analyse your data?

Have you discussed what data quality issues you may encounter? How will you address them?

Have you discussed what data confidentiality issues you may encounter? How will you address them?

Word Guide max 1000

6. Timeline of Research Project

Include a Gantt chart here. The Gantt chart should cover the period of time over which you will be conducting the actual research project.

Gantt chart is outside the word count.

7. References

A minimum of 10 references are required capturing the literature you will use in your research project.

The List of References is outside the word count.

Type of service: Dissertation services
Type of assignment: Dissertation/Thesis proposal
Subject: Business
Pages/words: 8/2000
Number of sources: 0
Academic level: Master’s
Paper format: APA
Line spacing: Double
Language style: UK English

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