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  1. Product description
    The cocoa tree (Theobroma Cocoa) grows in tropical areas between 15 and 20 degrees latitude north and south
    of the equator: Africa, Asia, and Latin America. After extraction from the pod, cocoa seeds are fermented and
    sun-dried. A cocoa producing tree can deliver on average 0.5 to 2 kg of dried seeds per year.
    The international cocoa market (including the United Kingdom) distinguishes three types of cocoa beans:
  2. Common grade: Forastero cocoa
    Forastero was originally grown in the high Amazon region and is now the predominant cocoa variety
    cultivated mainly in Africa, accounting for around 80% of global cocoa production. The beans have a flatter
    flavour than the more frutal and citric Criollo and Trinitario beans.
  3. High-grade: Criollo cocoa (original cocoa tree)
    Criollo was originally grown in Venezuela, Central America and Mexico, but is now also grown in Ecuador,
    Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala and Sri Lanka. Criollo makes up 5 to 10% of global
    cocoa production. The beans have a bitter, aromatic flavour and are easily processed.
  4. High-grade, Trinitario cocoa
    Trinitario was originally grown in Trinidad, but is now also grown in Venezuela, Ecuador, Honduras,
    Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Cameroon, Samoa, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. The
    beans are a hybrid of the Criollo and Forastero trees. This variety represents around 10 to 15% of global
    cocoa production.
    Harmonised System (HS) codes are used to classify products and to calculate international trade statistics, such
    as imports and exports. The focus is on cocoa beans, of Harmonised System code 1801.
    Other cocoa products are covered in our study on semi-finished cocoa products in Europe.

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