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Assignment task
As a consultancy group you will need to analyse the projects on offer on the Business Consulting module
shell BM561-20S1. The projects will be discussed in more detail in Week 3’s class.
Identify TWO which seem to be most interesting and which your group is capable of carrying out. Your job
is then to pitch for these two projects. This is competitive and requires a fully polished and carefully
rehearsed sales pitch, if you are to be successful in winning the business for one of your chosen projects.
Your pitch needs to be a maximum 10 minutes long. If it is any longer, you will be cut off by the markers.
The overall aim of the presentation is to persuade us that you would be the best team to meet the needs of
the respective clients.
The presentation should be structured as follows:
Introduce the team members by name
State the two projects you are pitching for

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