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Preliminary Research
After reviewing the notes/course materials for this module and completing the discussion activity (please see the section further down labeled Types of business, this was my discussion post – it describes the product that should be used in this discussion to answer the questions below), you should have a clear understanding of whether your business concept is a product, service, or both. Next, you will conduct preliminary research on your potential customers to improve upon your concept idea. Refer to the reading assignments (further down below)for additional information on surveying customers.
Talk to at least 10 people that fit your target market and ask them about your product or service(this can be made up). Provide a report of the following:
For a product (please see Types of businessfurther down):

  1. Describe the characteristics of the customer (age, sex, etc.) (1 to 2 paragraphs).
  2. What is your purpose for providing this product (1 paragraph; this should describe the problem you are solving)?
  3. What was the general reaction to your idea (1 to 2 paragraphs)?
  4. What additional feedback/ideas did you receive (1 to 2 paragraphs)?
    In addition to the module notes (below), please make sure to use at least two other course materials (further down) for sources before any outside sources. Also, any outside sources used should be scholarly articles/credible sources.
    Please use headings when answering
    Module Notes link: https://excelsior.instructure.com/courses/24220/pages/module-3-module-notes-product-versus-service-classification?module_item_id=2030891

Pages: 3Double spaced (825 words)
Style and sources: APA, 7 sources
Free extras(Title page): Bibliography/ Reference page
Study level: College
Assignment type: Research Paper
Subject: Business and Economics
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