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Paper One Assignment


Pages 1 and 2
Introduction of the paper and case overview

Page 3
Research summary related to business/audit risk

Pages 4 and 5
Research summary related to fraud prevention/corporate

Page 6
Case 5-7 question one response

-Use the Fraud Triangle to analyze the business and audit
risks that existed at Diamond Foods during the period of
its accounting fraud.

Pages 7 and 8
Research summary related to auditor obligations

Pages 9 and 10
Case 5-7 question two response

– How would you characterize Diamond’s accounting?
– Did they commit an error in recording walnut grower
– Was it an illegal act?
– Was it a fraudulent act?
– For each one, explain the reporting requirements for
Deloitte assuming they were aware of the transactions.

Page 11
-Case 5-7 question three response

-What are the auditors’ obligations with respect to
accounting estimates and judgements made by

-Explain any concerns that should have existed about these
areas of the audit.

-Assume that Deloitte was aware of these issues – would
any of them rise to the level of a critical audit matter?

Pages 12 – 13
Research summary related to the role of financial analysts

Page 14
Case 5-7 question four response

-Do you think non-GAAP information, such as that
provided to financial analysts, should be audited?

-Consider the value of such information to the users of
financial reports in answering this question.

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Paper formating: APA
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Language style: US English

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