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Task 2 – Criteria 3.1

Explain the difference between administrative policies and procedures, using examples to support the explanation.

Development of/relationship to organisational needs

Task 2 – Criteria 3.2

Explain the difference between formal and informal policies and procedures, providing examples to support the explanation.

Explain why it is that an organisation may require informal and formal policies and procedures, using examples.

Explain the differences and similarities between espoused and enacted policies and procedures.

Using this information together with examples from a given business scenario, analyse the reasons and value of having both formal and informal administrative policies and procedures.

Task 2 – Criteria 3.3

Outline methods which can be used for evaluating the effectiveness of procedures.

Provide examples of where the use of particular methods would be particularly relevant.

Task 2 – Criteria 3.4

Explain the stages involved in formulating policies and procedures.

Identify and describe examples of how the formulation of policy relates to the preparation of procedures.

Investigate whether the identified relationships are particular to specific circumstances or apply to the preparation of any procedure.

Present your conclusions with justification, on the relationship between formulating policy and preparing procedures.

Task 2 – Criteria 3.5

Describe ways in which customer requirements can be identified, using specific examples.

For a particular organisation, select at least two procedures and use the method identified above to evaluate whether they meet customer requirements.

Present a clear set of conclusions, based on the investigation, as to the extent to which customer requirements have been met by the procedures identified.

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