• This is an individually submitted Business Strategy Reflective Report.
• Completing the Business Strategy Game (BSG) is a pre-requisite for undertaking the Business Strategy
Reflective Report.
• The Assessment is an individual reflective strategy report that assesses the progression and outcome of the
Business Strategy Game.
• This assignment is an individual activity, which must be submitted through Turnitin.
• Complete the ARU Assignment Cover Sheet and obtain a Turnitin Assignment receipt.
• Work uploaded on Turnitin after the stated date and time will not receive a mark unless an extension has been
approved in advance of the deadline.
• Requests for short-term extensions will only be considered in the case of illness or other cause considered valid
by the Student Adviser. These must normally be received and agreed by Student Adviser in writing at least
twenty four hours prior to the deadline.
• Any attachments must be marked with your SID number(s) and attached to your assignment before submission.
• Please refer to the Academic Regulations, or the Student Handbook for full details.
The Assessment
Produce an individual 3,000 word Reflective Business Strategy Report (RBSR) in which you:
• Identify and evaluate the group decisions made in playing the Business Strategy Simulation
• Evaluate both the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of the decision-making process.
• The RBSR is not simply a diary, nor a description of events
• Use Harvard referencing
• Include an appendix and bibliography
• Submission of the Reflective Business Strategy Report assignment must be submitted via
The Tasks

  1. Identify and evaluate the major strategic decisions made during the BSG simulation.
    30 marks
  2. With reference to relevant management models and concepts, evaluate the impact of a range of
    factors in the business environments which you considered in the decisions taken in developing
    a competitive strategy.
    30 marks
  3. Critically analyse the impact of emerging technologies on the future competitiveness of the
    business and make useful recommendations to future managers of the organisation.
    40 marks

Total 100 marks

Type of service: Academic Paper writing
Type of assignment: Reflective Writing
Subject: Business
Pages/words: 6/3000
Number of sources: 0
Academic level: Undergraduate
Paper format: Harvard
Line spacing: Single
Language style: UK English

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