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Case Study Paper
Typically, a case study lasts for about 10 minutes and is presented orally to your supervisor or the clinical team. In this case the case study is in a written format and should include answers to each of the following questions. The family or couple that you chose must be known to you personally. You must use Brief Strategic Family Therapy as your theoretical orientation. Typically the length of this paper is less than 4 pages – double spaced.
Use section headings in your response
Section 1: Biography
List the names, ages, and roles for each member of the family (ie mother (47), stepfather (49), oldest son (14) from mother’s first marriage, middle son (10) from mother’s first marriage), youngest daughter (4) from mother’s current marriage}. Explain if they live in different houses. Only include those individuals that are in frequent contact with the family.
Section 2: Genogram
Provide a genogram and a key/legend focus on the emotional relationships. This only addresses the immediate family and is focusing on emotional connections between the family members – this can be used for the resonance dimension, and Structure/organization re alliances. Also use a diagram to show the family hierarchy.
Section 3: Presenting Problem
Explain the presenting problem from the family’s perspective i.e. what issue would they be presenting if they came into therapy? Keep this very brief, possibly no more than 3 sentences.
Section 4: Diagnosis
Diagnose the causes of the problem as understood by BSFT. Use the diagnostic checklist on pages 76-77 to assist in this process. Address each dimension, but please note if the family is not in need of change in any of the dimensions. The diagnosis can be bullet pointed, and be brief.
Section 5: Treatment Goals

  1. Identify the treatment goals – for each diagnostic area briefly identify the goal for treatment.
  2. Identify between 12-16 sessions, how many sessions you expect therapy to last for. This will be based on the IP-hood dimension.
    Section 6: Restructuring Techniques
    Identify the restructuring techniques (interventions). To do this, take a session (ie session 2) – identify the session goal (this will be one of the treatment goals) and 5 restructuring techniques that you plan to use to achieve the goal. Explain why you think these techniques will assist with the specific change process for the session.
    Section 7: Cultural Considerations
    Cultural considerations. Assuming that you are the therapist address the interface of cultural considerations that you and the family bring into the session that need to be taken into consideration. These could be strengths or possible challenges.

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