Blood Diseases Portfolio questions- blood malignancies
Level 6
Block C
(10 Credits)
CRN 15331

This module has 6 topics, each of which is assessed by a case study question in this portfolio. The portfolio is worth 100% of the module mark and there is a word count of 500 words per topic. Each of the 6 topics has 15 marks.

This topic is on blood malignancies

Haematological malignancies
Below is a blood film and associated lab results from a patient’s sample.

  1. Suggest a diagnosis for the patient, explaining your answer (3)

The following karyotyping and PCR analysis results were also available

  1. State if the risk profile for this patient is likely to favourable, intermediate or adverse. Explain how the changes you observe make the risk profile for this patient favourable, intermediate or adverse (7).
  2. Describe and explain how this patient is likely to be treated

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