The health system in Australia is ranked 4th globally while Canada is ranked 10th globally.

Below are difference and similarities of health care systems in both countries.
 In Australia, private hospitals provide a high level of care than in public hospitals.
 Public hospitals are covered by Medicare in Australia and the cost of medication in private hospitals is expensive without private health insurance.
 In the US, universal health care takes care of the doctor’s visits while in Australia, the patients have to pay for the doctor’s appointment.
 The government of Australia in 2012 spent 10.1% of its GDP on health care, unlike Canada that spent 11.8 %of its GDP on health care.
 Australia has invested in medical resources like doctors, more hospital beds, and diagnostic technology units among others, and the patients don’t have to wait for long hours before they are attended to.
 Both in Australia and Canada medical systems are funded through general taxation.
 In Australia, the population receives its health services through private hospitals and parallel health care sectors.
 In Australia 753 are public hospitals, 115 private hospital non-profits making, 477 private hospitals profit-making. 
 Public health in Australia is poor compared to the health system in Canada.
 Health care services in Australia are expensive compared to the same services in Canada.
 Australia has a single-payer system while Canada has a multi-payer system.

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