Case Study Summary: BallotOnline Co.
Currently, BallotOnline Co. is running at full capacity and needs to expand its IT infrastructure to accommodate its growing needs. Instead of expanding current on-premise IT infrastructure by building or acquiring a new data center, Sophia your supervisor has suggested that the cloud may be more efficient and cost-effective than adding more traditional physical data center space.
An important part of your presentation to the BallotOnline executives is to help the executive leadership understand cloud service models and cloud deployment models. It will also need to cover the two basic components of cloud infrastructure: cloud compute and cloud storage.
In this project, you will learn about different IT policy components, how the IT policies align with the business objectives, and you will also learn the important considerations for alignment of cloud adoption strategy with the IT policies.
Your supervisor, Sophia, has recommended that you review BallotOnline’s existing IT policy. When reviewing existing IT policies, it is important to understand both the technical information as well as the business impact of any proposed policy changes or updates. There are a number of factors to consider, including recovery time objectives (RTO), recovery point objectives (RPO), cost of change, and time-to-market.
Upon reviewing BallotOnline’s existing IT policy, you will engage in an online conversation with your colleagues at BallotOnline in the Discussion: Identifying SLA-Related Gaps in the Existing IT Policy.

At this point, you should have a better understanding of the cloud adoption strategy and how cloud adoption strategy differs from traditional IT adoption strategy. Now, you will consider the future or expected growth of BallotOnline’s IT systems. It is time to put everything together for the Cloud Adoption Policy Addendum. The addendum is designed to provide BallotOnline with a comprehensive IT policy that encompasses existing IT systems as well as their growth in the cloud infrastructure. The final document should be between eight and 10 pages.

Your supervisor, Sophia, the vice president of Information Technology (IT), has told you that BallotOnline’s executive board has given you approval to begin the work on the cloud adoption strategy for the organization and align the cloud adoption strategy with existing applications and IT infrastructure. You will use your growth impact analysis and potential exit strategy should things not work out with vendor, to prepare the Cloud Adoption Policy Addendum Document for the use of the cloud infrastructure.
Using the Cloud Adoption Policy Addendum Template attached Complete your Cloud Adoption Policy Addendum and submit it via the dropbox .

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