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Research Research Questions
What is the awareness level of dyslexia among nursing students at KAU?
What is the relationship between dyslexia awareness and anticipated stigma?
The proposed study has an exploratory nature, and since there is not much known about the topic yet, a quantitative descriptive, correlational, cross-sectional design will be implemented. This design will aid in assessing the awareness level of dyslexia and its relation to stigma among nursing students at KAU. The descriptive study attempts to define a population, condition, or phenomenon accurately and systematically (Polit & Beck, 2018). A correlation design is used to investigate the interrelationships between variables of interest without involvement or implementation by a researcher (Polit & Beck, 2018). Moreover, the cross-sectional design used to collect information at one stage and often used to infer shift over time as data is collected from multiple age or developmental groups (Polit & Beck, 2018). Thus, the purpose of choosing this research design is to assess the awareness level of dyslexia and to explore the relationship between stigma and dyslexia among nursing students at KAU.
Study setting
This research study is affiliated with the Faculty of Nursing Jeddah, KAU, Saudi Arabia. Data will be collected virtually from nursing students of the Nursing Faculty at KAU using the google forms online tool.
Sampling and sample size
Participants will be nursing students recruited from the Nursing Faculty at KAU. Inclusion criteria will be (a) male and female nursing students from any level, (b) master’s degree nursing students, and (c) able to speak and read English. Because of the limited time in conductingthis study, exclusion criteria will be nursing students (a) not from king Abdulaziz University and (b) unable to speak and read English.
The relationship between dyslexia and stigma has not been studied; hence, the relevant published effect size is not available. Therefore, the estimation for medium effect size was considered. According to Cohen (1992), the estimated medium effect size is .30 for correlations with two-tailed tests at a .05 level of significance and power of .80. Given the effect size of 0.3 and a power of 0.8, the required sample size for correlation is 84, calculated by G*Power 3.1.
Data on demographics will be collected, which include the age of nursing students, gender, the level of education (baccalaureate or master’s),level of education in the nursing program (second, third, or fourth year nursing students), marital status, and two questions, which are: have you ever been diagnosed with dyslexia, and do you know anyone with dyslexia (Appendix A). Moreover, two

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