The study seeks to examine the contributions of the audit committee size on the financial performance of banks. The motivation for the study is driven by the fact that the audit process has a cardinal role in increasing the financial stability of banks while providing an accurate and fair outlook on the health of shareholder’s wealth. At the same time, the audit process in delivering important information and understanding the organisation’s financial position tremendously assist in decision making on the part of shareholders and potential investors. The purpose of an audit is to create an autonomous view of the financial reports of the audited organisation, including if the financial reports show an accurate and fair perspective and have been correctly prepared according to accounting standards.

Research Aim and Objectives
The study aims to examine the constituent aspects of audit committee that impact on financial performance of manufacturing and retail firms, in the context of United Kingdom.
The key objectives include:
a) To analyse the relationship involved between the audit committee and financial performance
b) To propose milestones that firms can rely on to ensure audit committee dynamics enhance financial stability in the long-term
1.3 Research Questions
RQ: To what extent have FTSE 350 companies gained from the audit committee in terms of financial performance?
1.4 Value Contributions
The study offers a succinct review of the impact of the audit committee towards financial performance; as such, audit committee is an important function of corporate governance. The study demonstrates the instrumental role especially towards increasing shareholder wealth. Moreover, the review presents a post-crisis review which is an important concern for majority of companies where compliance to good governance has been a channel for growth and competitive advantage.

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