Note that there is no need to design an audio interactive system. Just provide a detailed design so my teacher can take that design, code it, and connect it.

Audio and Interactivity M3H623530
Coursework 2
This coursework contributes 50% of your final module mark.
To design an audio interactive system.
• Research appropriate audio and interactivity examples
• Submit a 250 word text “pitch” of the idea clearly highlighting
• Aims of systems and intended user group
• Intended inputs to system e.g. buttons, webcam, etc
• Intended output from system e.g. music, other audio, user interface on
Max, etc
• Technologies to be used e.g. Arduino, Max/MSP, Leap controller, etc
• Design the system clearly detailing in your final report
• System overview and intended user group
• Full product specification
• The hardware required including a block diagram or circuit diagram of
• The software required
• Functionality of any software should be detailed using pseudo code or flow charts – see Lectures for details
• User Interface


There are two elements of assessment for this module:

• Initial pitch

o This is a formative assessment (i.e. no marks allocated to it) where

you will “pitch” your idea to staff via GCU Learn and receive

feedback within 1 week

o To be submitted via GCU Learn by Thu 25th March 2021.

• Final Design Report

o To be submitted via GCU learn by Tuesday 4th May 2021.

Report Structure

Your submission should be in the form of a report with the following recommended structure


• Introduction – 250 words

• Overview of product its aims and projected market – 1000 words

• Detailed Product Specification

• Hardware Design block diagram

• Software design

◦ Including mockup of user interface if approriate

• Conclusions – 250 words

• References

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