Given instructions- Needs to be short and sweet, to the point; stay on topic; no need to repeat question back; no need for a cover sheet. APA 7th edition. 4 questions (250 words per question excludes citations and references).

Prescribed textbook only for referencing:

Bullock, S., & Hales, M. (2019). Principles of pathophysiology (2nd Ed.) Pearson Australia.

Bullock, S., & Manias, E . (2017). Fundamentals of pharmacology (8th Ed.). Pearson Australia.

Bryant, B., & Knights, K. (2015). Pharmacology for health professionals (4th Ed.). Elsevier Australia.

McCance, K. L., Huether, S. E., Brashers, V. L. & Rote, N. S. (2014). Pathophysiology. The biologic basis for disease in adults and children (7th ed.). Elsevier.

VanMeter, K. C., & Hubert, R. J. (2014). Gould’s pathophysiology for the health professions (5th Ed.). Elsevier.

Q1. Discuss the pathophysiology of occupational asthma (exposure to mould in a poorly ventilated worksite).

Q2. Describe the clinical manifestations of asthma (wheezing, exertional dyspnoea, respiratory muscle fatigue and breathlessness) and relate these to the changes which occur in the respiratory system.

Q3. Discuss the diagnostic procedures for asthma based on the following risk factors and clinical manifestations. Risk factors – Family history, stress, gender, mould. Clinical manifestations – wheezing, exertional dyspnoea, respiratory muscle fatigue, breathlessness. Diagnostic procedures – vital signs; heart rate 102beats/min, blood pressure 141/86mmHg, respiratory rate 26breaths/min; breathing patterns indicate minimal use of accessory muscles and a distinct end-expiratory wheeze is audible on auscultation. Predicted peak flow 430L/min but actual is 345L/min, peak flow shows reduction in lung function. Complete blood count shows increased number of eosinophils and sedimentation rate of red blood cells, blood report indicates the presence of inflammation.

Q4. Explain why the pharmacological treatment prescribed (salbutamol and budesonide) is suitable for treating asthma. Outline how these treatments are usually administered.

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