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Upon completion of this Assignment, students will be able to learn the highlighted.

  1. Identify basic theoretical issues related to second language acquisition and bilingualism in childhood
    within a social and cultural context that inhibits or supports multilingual abilities. Recognize the
    social, emotional, and cognitive benefits of bilingualism.
  2. Collect or select a speech sample; transcribe, code and analyze a speech sample produced by children
    learning English as a second language or two languages simultaneously in childhood. Students in this
    course will apply the concepts of this course to one child’s speech.
  3. Describe the stages of learning a second language or two languages in childhood and differentiate
    between the psychological, socio-cultural and linguistic factors that influence such learning.
  4. Assess the degree of second language learning and be introduced to concepts related to language
    delays in bilingual children.
  5. Utilize effective APA writing and oral presentation skills to present findings of research case study on
    one child acquiring a second language.

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Type of Assignment: Essay
Subject: Pedagogy
Pages/words: 7/1925
Number of sources: 2
Academic level: Undergraduate
Paper format: APA
Line spacing: Double
Language style: US English

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