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Your final writing assignment is an argumentative essay in response to our readings on the topic of multicultural societies:

Write an argument essay in response to this question: Should immigrants retain their culture, including their language, when they immigrate to another country? Include support for your own argument and discuss the opposing argument with a rebuttal.

Write an essay for or against one of the topics below:

immigrants should retain their culture, including their language
immigrants should not retain their culture, including their language


1. Introduction (Explain the issue. Then, end with a thesis statement that directly states your opinion. It should be clear and strong!)

A. Background Information:

B. Thesis Statement:

2. Body Paragraph 1 (First, Summarize the opposing viewpoint. Then, provide a rebuttal.)

A. Summary of the other side’s viewpoint:

B. Rebuttal to their view:

3. Body Paragraph 2 (Restate your opinion. Then, provide reasons that support your viewpoint)

A. Restatement of my view:

B. Reason 1:

C. Reason 2:

D. Reason 3:

4. Conclusion (Restate your view. Add a final comment: What do you want readers to think, do or say in response to your argument?)

Type of service: Academic Paper writing
Type of assignment: Essay
Subject: English
Pages/words: 2/550
Number of sources: 5
Academic level: Sophomore(college 2nd year)
Paper Format: MLA
Line spacing: Double
Language style: US English

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