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Approaches to Human Resource Management

Assignment three also asks you to discuss, evaluate and critically reflect two or three feasible approaches to HR strategies, identifying the pros and cons for each, and recommend actions to ensure that the chosen strategy is measurable, sustainable and meets the long-term strategic HR and business goals of your chosen organisation . Their strategy is based on developing people’s skills to meet business wider objectives). My chosen organisation is Torus https://www.torus.co.uk/

Use the headings and guidance in the Structure and Content Guide as a template to complete assignment Three.

The report you write should include the following sections:

Abstract – an introduction and brief summary giving clear insight into the topic. The abstract should explain what the research discovered, and not what it is aiming to discover.

Brief description of the reason for the business case

Analysis of the situation

Potential solutions

Findings – summarising the main points and providing interpretation of findings and/or data

Recommendations – this is where you make suggestions for actions to be taken in response to the findings of the business case.

References -all published sources cited in the report must be referenced in alphabetical order, in line with Harvard referencing. These should be in alphabetical order

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