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Summative Assessment CW1: Written Evidence

This is a 2,000 word reflection.

Using Driscoll’s (2007) reflective model, you will demonstrate critical understanding of an area of
practice (Anti-Discriminatory Practice OR Risk OR Safeguarding). This reflection must start by
considering an alternative area of nursing and end by contextualising the discussion into the student’s own field of nursing.

The reflection should include:
• Title: Develop a title – reflecting the scenario, which alternate area of nursing, the area of practice and your own field of nursing.
• Briefly rationalise the relevance of reflection within healthcare, then follow the stages of Driscoll’s (2007) model of reflection.
• Marks will be deducted on Presentation and Knowledge and Understanding if another reflective model other than Driscoll’s (2007) model of reflection is applied in this assignment.
• The overall structure of this assessment should consist of Introduction, Main Body and Conclusion. NB No sub-headings/ sub-titles within the body of work!
NB Remember you need to apply the lessons learnt to your own field of nursing.

Type Of Service: Academic paper writing
Type of Assignment: Reflective writing
Subject: Nursing
Pages / word: 7/1925
Number of sources: 17
Academic Level: Undergraduate
Paper format: Harvard
Line Spacing: Double
Language style: UK English

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