Purpose and Overview
The purpose of Writing Assignment #6 is to get you started conducting research for your final
essay. In this formal writing assignment, you will be constructing an annotated bibliography.
An annotated bibliography is a collection of sources that you locate, read, evaluate, and
consider using for a research paper.
See the relevant web pages regarding annotated bibliographies on Purdue University’s Online
Writing Lab (OWL) (Links to an external site.) :
Writing Task
For your final argumentative essay, you will be contributing to our class conversation started
by Jonathan Foer’s book Eating Animals. To do this, you will need to use credible sources that
back up your position. This annotated bibliography will get you started researching.
An annotated bibliography summarizes, assesses and reflects upon sources that might be used
in a research paper. For each source, your annotated bibliography will need to include a
citation, a summarization, an assessment and a reflection. Depending on how you want to
organize it, reflection and assessment can be combined into one paragraph or divided into two
separate paragraphs.
Cite: Each entry needs to begin with an MLA style citation.
Summarize: Each entry needs a summary that addresses the source’s main point and what
topics are covered. Make sure you avoid list summaries and closest cliché summaries. Each
summary should be a separate paragraph.
Assess: After the summary, evaluate the source. Is it credible and current? Is it relevant? What
is its bias? How does it compare to your other sources? Is it scholarly or popular or both?
Reflect: After the assessment, reflect about how this source might be used in your research
project. How will it fit into your overall argument? Did it influence your opinion about your
topic? How does it connect to your other sources? Is it helpful? Too general/specific?
You will need to have a minimum of eight sources (not including Eating Animals). Select your
sources with care, for the strength of a research-based argumentative essay depends upon the
strength of the sources. Authors and publishers should be credible. Your sources should
represent a variety of perspectives on this topic to demonstrate that you considered more than
one point of view. If you take your time and locate quality, relevant sources for this assignment,
you will make your life much easier when it comes time to write your final essay

Type of service: Academic Paper Writing
Type of assignment: Book report
Subject: Not defined
Pages/words: 2/550
Number of sources: 8
Academic level: Sophomore(college 2nd year)
Paper format: MLA
Line spacing: Double
Language style: US English

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