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What to include:
This primary source analysis should address every question below in the order provided. Write in complete sentences and in paragraphs. Each paragraph should focus on one section (meaning you should have 3 main paragraphs), and I do not want an introduction or conclusion. Just jump right into the questions and focus on answers and evidence. Do not do outside research other than briefly looking up who Confucius is and using the textbook for historical context. This should be all about the document!
Concrete data:
In this paragraph, you will provide factual information about the document (or as much as you know). These questions help you better understand where the author is coming from and what biases might color his work. The answers for questions 1 and 2 from this sections are the only ones you can find outside of the primary source. This should be your shortest paragraph.

  1. Who wrote this document? What was their background?
  2. When was it created/written/produced? This answer should be a quick date range and can be part of the sentence that answered question 1.
  3. Who is the intended audience? How can you tell this from the document? This questions asks who the AUTHOR expected to read the document. No author expects “everyone” to read a document and almost no one expects their work to be read by students in the 21st I want you to think about this very carefully. Until you can positively answer this question, you cannot answer any of the “Understanding” questions.
  4. Write a very brief summary of the document (1-2 sentences).
    In this paragraph, you will begin to interpret the document in its wider historical context. In this section you are connecting the author with his work and the time period in which he wrote it.
  5. Why was this document written? What was the author’s goal when writing the document?This question is closely connected to the audience question above. People write differently for different audiences, so if you don’t have a convincing answer for who he wrote it for, you can’t answer why he wrote it.
  6. What does the document reveal about how the author views the world? This question is about assumptions, and what the author assumes is true about the world. It can be a difficult question to answer, but in this case really focus on belief systems (gender, class, religious, etc.) and ideals of rulers and power (Mandate of Heaven, for example).
  7. Can you trust the document to give us accurate information about the time period? This question is really about common sense, i.e. does what he’s said about warfare/philosophy/relationships/life make sense based on what you read in the chapter about the time period?
    In this paragraph, you will attempt to understand the intentions of the author and you will use the primary document to discuss the society in which it was written. Basically, you will use the document to make wider claims about the time period and society. This should be your longest paragraph.
  8. What does the document tell us about the society in which it was produced? For this question, think how Confucius describes the society and the world around him. This can be REALLY basic!
  9. Put this into the bigger picture. What else do you know about this era? How does that help you understand more about the document, why it was created, and its significance to our understanding of this time and place? We are all influenced by the period in which we live, historical authors are no different. Think about what is happening politically, culturally, etc. and how this could have affected the author.
  10. What would help you to understand this document better? What questions does the document bring up for you?
  11. How does this document relate to the class theme of Kingship and Power? What characteristics make a good or bad ruler? What can this tell us about ideals of kingship and power in the society? You can compare this to something else we’ve read at this point.

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