Description of the essay requirements:

Topic Question: What does the representation of food in our cultural texts reveal about human nature and/or the human condition?

This assignment requires you to write an analytical essay (1000 words) and the analysis should provide a focused answer to the topic question.

• Introduction: 3 sentences (introduce the texts and what is common between them, then move to thesis statement to directly answer the question)

• Development section: 3-4 paragraphs organized by texts (4 texts) or themes (3)
For every paragraph, select 3 specific quotations from the texts and analyze them, linking your analyses to food-related themes: identity and transformation, tradition, travel and culture, etc.

• Conclusion: 3 sentences

the textual materials include:

  1. Film Chocolat. Dir. Lasse Hallström. Miramax, 2000.
  2. “A Feast on Fais” from A Moveable Feast
  3. “Mango Madness” from A Moveable Feast
  4. Thien’s “Simple Recipes”

Outline for the essay is needed.

For human natures and human condition, it should be general, maybe “generosity’ “hospitality” “vulnerability” or human behavior ways “passion to take risk”, etc. I guess. I have no idea about this part.

Type of service: Academic paper writing
Type of assignment: Outline
Subject: Literature
Pages/words: 1/275
Number of sources: 0
Academic level: Sophomore (college 2nd Year)
Paper format: MLA
Line spacing: Double
Language style: US English

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