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MSc Project Proposal


In one or two paragraphs cover a brief background and description to your project…


In one or two sentences describe the main aims of your project…


The objectives are as follows:


Describe the methodology that you will be employing to achieve these objectives and any major obstacles or challenges which could be encountered.

Preliminary Work

Briefly describe the preliminary work that you have undertaken so far…

Project management

Describe the project management for your project, focusing on your milestones (typically three or four) and on the tasks to achieve these milestones. Provide a Gantt chart and a risk evaluation for your future work.

Table 1 Time management scheme is provided in the form of a Gantt chart:

Insert a Gantt chart here (identify milestones and the critical path!)

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Type of assignment: Dissertation /Thesis Proposal
Subject: Engineering
Pages/words: 5/1300
Number of Sources: 10
Academic level: Masters
Paper Format: Harvard
Line spacing: Double
Language style: UK English

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