3.1 Analyse the problems in assessing the effectiveness of treatment for one psychological disorder.
• You MUST research a range of treatments (no less than 2) – Must be based on your disorder(OCD)
• Research how the effectiveness of the treatments is measured – how is it known that these treatments are effective? What are the issues that arise when effectiveness is measured?

You will HAVE to detail some of the recognised treatments for your specific mental illness.
Remember while you are ‘explaining/describing’ you are not meeting the criteria so keep it brief.
You MUST research a range of treatments (no less than 2)

• It is NOT asking which treatment method is most effective and why? (that would be too easy!)
• It is asking what are the problems in trying the assess the effectiveness of the various treatments?
• Link back to the criteria
• Provide intext references throughout.
• Approx 500/600 words

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