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In this section you will introduce your enquiry on your
specific area of interest and its relevance to early years.
You will let the reader know, what your enquiry is and how it
relates to EBL and early years. Identify to the reader your
enquiry will be based on the secondary research of the
literature on your specific area of interest as it relates to
enquiry based learning and early years. You need to give a
rationale why are you researching this specific area:
 Why is this enquiry important and relevant?
 What are your personal, academic, and professional
reasons for your enquiry?
 What are the aims of your enquiry?
Overview Let the reader know about the range of theories and
AN ANALYTICAL REPORT based on the secondary research of
a specific area of interest related to EBL and early years
(extended lit review which critiques research methods used and
their appropriateness)
3000 words (LOs 3 & 4) 50%
Literature Review
perspectives of different writers on your specific area of
interest. What has been written about e.g. supporting
children’s communication and language development, the
mathematics provision, self-care and personal development
or ICT in early childhood settings (or one of the many more
topics) in the academic textbooks relating to practice in early
childhood settings? What is known about enquiry learning in
early years, and in relation to your specific area of interest?
Here it is important you demonstrate knowledge and
understanding of the range of viewpoints and opinions on a
topic, making sure the information is recent and up to date.
You should show the range of theoretical perspectives
represented by different authors on your topic. Evaluate
these perspectives, considering their relevance to your
enquiry and early childhood practice more generally.
Begin to analyse in how far the literature is relevant to your
You will need to integrate reference to your sources
throughout your writing in this section.
Academic textbooks (access the library resources) will be
the main sources of literature you will be drawing on. As a
guide, 4 – 5 academic resources (e.g. textbooks) should
inform your literature review.

Type of service: Academic paper writing
Type of Assignment: Report
Subject: Education
Pages/words: 11/3000
Number of sources: 20
Academic level: Undergraduate
Paper format: Harvard
Line spacing: Double
Language style: UK English