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Topic: An Analysis of Domestic Violence in the United States Prior to and During the Pandemic of 2020-2021.

  1. How significantly has DV increased in the U.S. prior to and during the Pandemic?
  2. Which regions of the U.S. (North, South, Midwest, Southwest, West, Pacific Northwest) have shown the greatest increases?
  3. Politically, which states have shown the most increase–Red or Blue?
  4. Have DV homicides increased?
  5. Have prison releases due to the Pandemic resulted in greater recidivism among DV convicted prisoners?
  6. Has US DV cases increased at a greater rate per capita in the US versus Canada?
    I recommend that you conduct a longitudinal study by going back to 2018 for data up until 2021’s most current data. You will need at least 5-6 more research questions.

I. Your Topic: Identify your topic in one sentence below. Refer to your Final Capstone Topic Submission in Week 1 of CJA 655: (worth 2 points)

II. Your Hypothesis(ses): Using your topic above, develop the topic into a researchable hypothesis(ses). Use your hypotheses developed in the Discussion in CJA 655 as your guide. You should phrase your hypothesis(ses) one of two ways: (worth 2 points)
a. There is a correlation between X (Independent Variable) and Y (Dependent Variable)
b. If _________________, then _____________________
There is a correlation between more officers patrolling the streets of Oakland, California and the violent crime rate in Oakland, California.
If more police officers were patrolling the streets of Oakland, then there would be a resulting decrease in the violent crime rate in Oakland, California.

III. Your 8-10 research questions (worth 4 points):
I want you to develop 8-10 research questions that you would want to answer as a result of your research. Refer to the Research Questions you developed in the Discussion in CJA 655. Using the example in Paragraph II above, the following would be examples:

a. Does an increase in the number of officers on patrol result in a decrease in violent crime?
b. Is there a more efficient way to deploy additional police officers on patrol so that they reduce violent crimes?
c. Should police departments reassign police officers from other specialized details such as vice, youth services, personnel, etc. to the patrol division in times of increasing crime rates in order to reduce violent crime?
d. Does preventative patrol really prevent some violent crimes?

IV. Your research method: In addition to identifying your research method, I want you to describe/define this research method in no less than 2 paragraphs (worth 2 points). Use your text, collaborate lectures, and NU library to give an accurate summary of the method or methods you will employ in CJA 690.
a. Secondary Data Analysis: Are you relying only on secondary data analysis as discussed in our chat discussions?
b. Survey: Are you going to develop a survey for your research? This requires approval through the IRB. Are you going to “pilot” your survey instrument through both faculty and randomly selected students?
c. Case History: Are you going to study only one unique person who can provide interesting data and results?
d. Experiment: Are going to conduct a true experiment? This can include cross sectional or longitudinal research where human beings may not be required and IRB approval may not be required
e. Other: Are you using any other methodology not listed above such as ethnographic field research?

V. Annotated Bibliography: (worth 10 points) Need to find resources from school library

Here you will visit the NU library as detailed in our Week 2 seminar with librarian, David Feare. Using one or more of the databases identified by David, I want you to find at least 10 articles that pertain to your topic, and list them in Section V as APA annotated bibliographical entries.
An annotated bibliography differs from a regular bibliography in that each article in the bibliography has an annotation below it. An annotation is a 3-4 sentence summary of the article to remind you specifically what the article was about. This is handy when you set the annotated bibliography aside for a month or two and have forgotten what the articles were about. I have included a sample of an annotated bibliography in Week 4.
These 10+ articles must be in correct APA reference format. This is where your textbook is your best friend. The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (5th or 6th ed) shows you how to properly reference any periodical, book, manuscript, dissertation, etc. When in doubt, go to the textbook!

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