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Submission time and date: Thursday 27st May 2021, by 2pm Target feedback time and date: 17th June, 2021

Assignment task
Students are required to produce a proposal for a new start-up airline in the form of a report (3000 words +/-10%).

This assignment has been designed to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your achievement of the following module learning outcomes:
LO 1 Evaluate the various types of planning undertaken by airlines.
LO 2 Analyse the importance of airline business models in relation to business performance.
LO 3 Evaluate the role of ancillary revenues to airline profitability.

Task requirements
The report should start with an executive summary of no more than 300 words and be structured to include a title page, contents page, main body of text and a brief concluding summary.

Justification, through evaluation of appropriate sources, should be given for:

• Choice of business model
• The airline’s main base
• Route network and destinations
• The airline’s fleet (to include aircraft types, number of aircraft and whether they are purchased or leased and also whether they are brand-new or second-hand)
• Use of ancillary revenues

A realistic schedule for the fleet should be included in table format and consideration given to:
• The number of aircraft in the fleet
• How many crew members (both pilot and cabin crew) are needed to operate each aircraft
• Maintenance schedules
• Seasonal changes

Supporting notes and a summary table, where appropriate, are encouraged for the schedule.

Please see other useful materials found in the “Assignment Brief Information” area:
• Considerations for your assignment.docx
• Planning and Writing a Report.pdf

Referencing and research requirements
Please reference your work according to the Harvard style as defined in Cite Them Right Online
(http://www.citethemrightonline.com). This information is also available in book form: Pears, R. and Shields, G. (2016) Cite them right: the essential reference guide. 10th edn. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. Copies are available via the University library.

For this assignment you should be aiming for a minimum of 25 unique sources from academia and industry.

How your work will be assessed
Your work will be assessed on the extent to which it demonstrates your achievement of the stated learning outcomes for this assignment (see above) and against other key criteria, as defined in the University’s institutional grading descriptors. If it is appropriate to the format of your assignment and your subject area, a proportion of your marks will also depend upon your use of academic referencing conventions.

  1. Executive summary of no more than 300 words 5%
  2. Justification of choices of business model (10%), the airline’s main base (10%), route network (10%) and fleet (10%), (to include aircraft types, number of aircraft, whether they are purchased or leased, brand new or second-hand) and pertinent reference to ancillary revenues (10%), (all with use and evaluation of appropriate sources)
  3. Evidence of a realistic schedule relating to the number of destinations and aircraft in the fleet presented in a properly formatted table 30%
  4. Report presentation, structure, spelling, grammar and references from a range of sources (academic books, journal articles, industry publications) using proper Harvard format 15%

Submission details
• You are reminded of the University’s regulations on academic misconduct, which can be viewed on the University website: https://bucks.ac.uk/__data/assets/pdf_file/0024/9546/Academic-Misconduct-Policy.pdf. In submitting your assignment, you are acknowledging that you have read and understood these regulations
• Please also note that work that is submitted up to 10 working days beyond the submission date will be considered a late submission. Late submissions will be marked and the actual mark recorded, but will be capped at the pass mark (typically 40%), provided that the work is of a passing standard. Work submitted after this period will not be marked and will be treated as a non-submission.

Before you submit
• Please use the provided checklist below to make sure you are ‘fit to submit’ your work
• We recommend you use this checklist as soon as you get this assignment brief to help you plan your work

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