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ASSESSMENT 1: Agritourism
Agritourism has quite a long tradition on countries such as the USA and Italy. It can take many different forms, and different countries have very different agricultural sectors and traditions. Agritourism can play an important role in supporting rural businesses and communities. Businesses may be looking to diversify and develop alternative income streams to thrive or even to survive.
Note that agriculture tends to play a very diminished role in modern societies in terms of employment and contribution to gross national product compared to its role prior to industrialisation. Rural communities can experience poverty and dislocation from the centres of economic activity. So agritourism is a growing niche in the tourism market, and one that has wider social consequences and possibilities.
Agritourism can be argued also to meet contemporary trends, demographics and motivations. It can represent respite from the urban, modern lifestyle that many live but desire some respite from on their holidays. It is not, however, divorced from mass tourism – many tourists on package deal to enjoy the sun may also enjoy a day discovering rural life or might stay in a farm house. Others, though, may travel to actually take part in rural activities and farming itself (se the typology for agritourism types).
You are required to write a report covering the following elements:

  1. A definition and overview of agritourism in general, considering what it is, where it comes from and why it has developed. (700)
  2. You need to identify 2 contrasting agritourism initiatives. These could be particular businesses, charities, or a non-governmental organisation. They can be from any country (including the UK and Malta) and any type of agritourism. Using online information from their web site and social media, look at how they market themselves, and also (if available) their history. Consider who you think their market is, and why ? (650)
  3. You also need to consider what role the organisation plays more widely in relation to economic (jobs, local multiplier effects perhaps) , social (for example relating to community wellbeing) and environmental (think about sustainability) goals more broadly, beyond the business itself. (650)
    Draw upon secondary information as and when appropriate – there is a lot available. This could come from Mintel, journals (available from the library remotely). Think about the businesses / organisations, but also think about the communities / regions they are in, especially for part 3. Draw upon your knowledge from other parts of your course, for example, marketing for part 2. The brief is broad, and different groups might develop their answers in different ways. This is fine, and if in doubt, consult your tutors.
    Indicative references
    The following references are indicative – they may be useful, but equally you may find other, equally or more useful articles:
    Ammirato, Salvatore & Felicetti, Alberto. (2014). The Agritourism as a means of sustainable development for rural communities: a research from the field. The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies. 8. 17-29
    Ollenburg, C. and Buckley, R. (2007) Stated Economic and Social Motivations of Farm Tourism Operators Journal of Travel Research, Vol. 45(4), 444–452
    Busby, G. , and S. Rendle (2000). The Transition from Tourism on Farms to Farm Tourism. Tourism Management, 21: 635-642
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    Daisaku Yamamoto & A. Katrina Engelsted (2014) World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) in the United States: locations and motivations of volunteer tourism host farms, Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 22:6, 964-982
    This paper is very useful and gives an overview or agritourism types:
    Phillip, S., Hunter, C. Blackstock, K. Tourism Management 31 (2010) 754–758
    this link gives a short history of US agritourism:
    Important: look up agritourism in more general text books (some available as e-books), and see if there are research reports on Mintel or elsewhere on line. Conduct your own library search online. See also if there are one or two interesting pieces in the agricultural trade press or in the newspapers, all available online via the library web pages

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