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Project Plan – It is a plan it is not an essay could use breakdown schedule, you can bring in charts and tables.

You are required to produce a project plan detailing the implementation of a security solution suggested by the Threat and Risk Assessment carried out earlier paper (from State of Writing ID 4687661296)) using sound security risk management principles – which is what we looked in past paper (the State of Writing ID 5231681591 ) which you might have pointed out vulnerability or weakness that you want to unplug by implementing the security solution wether it is access control or cctv using sound security risk management principles we are talking about or the 4 or 5 Ts and control we put in place. And others such as Garcia people’s procedure and equipment

If you are looking at cyber which you may chose to , then you can bring in people process technology
We are looking to bring stuffs from the first module (ID 4687661296) you have written to provide the vulnerability, to provide the solutions for, and the 2nd module we just concluded Security management, bring the principles from that not necessarily an example.

The plan should include:

• An introduction – a brief characterisation of the organisation, what is it , where is it, what does it do the what is it the security issue and what are the options for options for solution.

• It would need to include a concise précis of the earlier risk analysis (boil it down to a precise as you can be, don’t waste any words unless you don’t need to. You need to bring in the threat, the likelihood or probability and impact. This should include the current controls in place that need to be improved upon or replaced.

• A brief description of the project. What is to be done, how and with what resources? You might bring in Work Breakdown Structures(WBS) and Gantt charts. Other aspect you might back it up with the standard we looking at or guidance, best practice, information from the critical national infrastructure websites, security catalogs that can download from there, and resources being manpower, equipment …etc,

• The plan itself – You need to together a rational plan A consultant is a trusted advisor; success depends on a rational plan that is suited to the organisation’s needs and priorities and capabilities. Use tools such as Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) and Gantt charts or others.
In all cases bring in the supporting rational – if you are talking about Physical Security Systems Garcia is a really useful source try hard of people procedures and equipment might be a plan to improve the security procedures rather than equipment failure . Rationalise bringing in supporting citations

** Think of citation as the evidence needed to present to make your point** without that evidence what you citing is really opinion. Even if the opinion is based on years of experience, the years of experience must be backed up by academic work , the practitioner work of Garcia, the British Standards and International Standards and other organisations that produced guidance papers, and government legislations – CPNI, National Cyber Security Centre bring in those areas as well.

• A summarising conclusion. – Although it won’t exactly mirror the introduction, this will tell the reader what you have told person in the plan in a summary form

You are expect to work to be of the highest standards including grammar, spelling, and conformity with their specifications. So, read this brief carefully and ensure that you understand what is asked of you.
Do not attempt to produce an assignment to fit what you want to write about – you must answer the specified requirements.

You should use the course materials, external resources and the various activities that you have conducted throughout the module to help to shape this assignment. All will be relevant to the report in some way.

Word limit is 1,500 words –

In a report or plan the use of tables, charts, photographs, maps and diagrams is expected. These are NOT included in the word count. Neither is an executive summary, contents list, the reference list nor any appendices included.

This assignment has been designed to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your achievement of the following module learning outcomes:

Learning Outcome 4
Plan, communicate, conduct, monitor and evaluate a security-based project within the organisation using project management tools and techniques

Task requirements

• The module title and code number must be clearly marked on the front cover.
• Student ID number and module title must be included as a footer on every page.
• Pages should be numbered.

• All work to be submitted using a sans-serif font, such as Arial, 12-point font size with 1.5 line spacing. (As used in this brief) and with the text justified (equal left and right margins)

• It is expected that the third person, passive voice is used throughout the plan
• The project plan must state the total number of words used at the end before the Reference
The format will be: (Word count: 1,612)

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Type Of assignment: Essay
Subject: Management
Pages/words: 5/1375
Number of sources: 10
Academic Level: Undergraduate
Paper Format: Harvard
Line Spacing: Double
Language style: UK English

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