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What does the data suggests? What does your analysis indicate about the company’s problems? This
is the approach you must take rather than formulating opinions before you do the work.
In the
alternative section you will develop feasible alternatives to the problems, and then you’ll choose an
alternative after you’ve considered the consequences of each alternative. This is explained in detail
below. Make a decision and then implement the decision by deciding what questions need to be
addressed. The Implementation section really answers the question of how which naturally follows
the why question you answered in the Recommendation section.
Your decisions must be based on data and facts. You must avoid basing a decision on a sample of
one (i.e. your opinion), and you should say that “research suggests” or the “data indicates” and not
“we believe” or “we think.” The disciplined approach of the case method will lead you to the
solution if you follow it carefully and do the requisite research.

  1. Page length: minimum of 10 pages, maximum of 20 pages
  2. Numbered pages
  3. Cover sheet (see my webpage)
  4. No outline
  5. APA-documented sources
  6. Formal style (no contractions, third person)
  7. Bibliography
  8. Solve case within timeframe of case or make case current. It is your choice, but
    you must specify.
  9. Use current date for sources unless you intend to solve the case within a timeframe,
    in which case, use sources in that time frame.
  10. Use headings below to segment the text of the case.
  11. Double space
  12. Indent paragraphs
  13. Use 1” margins
  14. Rule of thumb: Have about 2 1/2 paragraphs per page.
  15. Suggested font: Calibri 12 pt. (NO font larger than 12pt.)
  16. Clearly indicate appendices and their use
    Let me say just a bit about sources and the quality of sources. It is your responsibility to identify
    sources and determine their reliability. Here are a few steps to help you secure relevant sources.
  17. List the possible sources and their location?
  18. Review their reliability.
    a. Who are the authors of all of these sources and what are
    their presuppositions?
    b. What is the purpose of each source?
    c. Does this source derive from factual information or personal opinion?
    d. What is the origin of the source and why was it written?
    e. Was it written as a propaganda piece?
  19. Which sources are the most reliable?
  20. Executive Summary
    It should be from 100-150 words in length. This section serves as the introduction to
    the case and is an overview of the organization. You should include items such as
    where incorporated, nature of product(s) and or service(s), and significant positive
    and negative events. You should conclude the section with a hint as to the
    organization’s problems.
    Problems are those situations that may bring the downfall of the company if left
    unattended. Here you should list short bullet statements. You do not provide
    supporting rationale. Be careful and ensure that you are listing problems and not
    symptoms. For example, a decrease in profits is a symptom and not a problem. The
    problem will be the cause of the decline in profits such as management’s inability to
    forecast and recognize a shift in demand based on changing consumer preferences.
    Drill down and look for the cause of the demonstrated symptom. Your analysis of the
    case will uncover the problems.
    SWOT is the acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
    Strengths are the internal, positive characteristics that the company possesses. One
    should look at these as competitive advantages. Weaknesses are internal as well.
    They are the negative aspects of the company and indicate competitive
    vulnerabilities. These should be distinguished from problems in that immediate
    collapse is not likely. Opportunities are external and provide areas of growth or
    improvement for the company. Threats are external to the company and action is
    required. For example, scarcity of a resource represents a threat. (See your text for a
    more thorough coverage). The paper includes an interpretation of the IFAS score and
    the EFAS score. You may include the IFAS/EFAS in the text or in an appendix, but the
    paper must present the calculation of the scores and their interpretation.

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Type Of Assignment: Case study
Subject: Management
Pages / words: 1/275
Number of sources: 1
Academic Level: Freshman(College 1st year)
Paper Format: MLA
Line Spacing: Double
Language style: US English

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