1. Conduct

    Conduct action research by collecting data from the teacher perception survey created in Module 4.

Step 2. Analyze
Analyze the results of the survey data and focus on formative and criterion-referenced elements to guide curricular design improvements. Incorporate research on ethnographic interviewing when analyzing open-ended responses. Analyze how the results relate to the research questions.

Step 3. Recommend
Recommend and describe future action steps to improve the learning and teaching conditions for diverse students based on the action research data.

Step 4. Report
Report the action research outcomes by writing and organizing an APA-formatted paper according to the following outline: ( module 4 paper added to this paper )

Title Page


Action Research Purpose

Problem Statement

Literature Review Findings


Describe the quantitative data you collected.

Participants – demographic data, grade level, other information.

Materials – technology tool, program, spreadsheet, etc.

Collection – describe data collection steps.

Data Collection Results –survey result narrative with at least one chart, table, or figure




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