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Under the heading ‘justification’ you are required to explain briefly what your chosen topic is and provide a brief background placing the topic in your clinical context. Most importantly, the justification section needs to provide a justification as to why this chosen topic is worth writing your assignment on – discuss why its an important and topical issue.
Under the heading ‘evidence based practice’ use evidence (literature) to provide an argument for best practice relating to your topic (i.e. don’t just state in your assignment this is how you do it construct an argument and state something like Both Burns and Smith believe X.

While Groves states Y, it is likely the best approach is a combination of Y and Z owing to… ). You must draw upon current literature to support your argument. Under the heading ‘recommendation’ present what you think should be done for your chosen topic specific to YOUR CLINICAL SETTING. It is very important that as a research consumer you don’t just read material and decide to implement this in your workplace. You must determine why you think you might or might not adopt this practice.

Your ‘recommendation’ section should present not just what you should do for your chosen topic in your clinical setting, but also WHY you have decided this.
(My Clinical Area is Adult Acute Care)

Number of pages:7 (Double Spaced)
Number of sources:35 [?]

Order Type:Essay
Academic level: Undergraduate
Preferred language style: English (U.K.)

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