Count numbers of males & females Calculate means and SDs
Generate a scattergraph
Calculate correlations.

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This section should be a summary of your findings.

→ Begin with a description of the analysis (optional).

→ Describe the data (Means, SDs etc.). If you have lots of summary statistics (i.e. means) to report, use a Graph or a Table instead of writing them.

o Remember to give any graphs or tables full titles – remember to label the axes on graphs.

o Graphs of means should include error bars.

→ Report the findings in sentence form.

→ Include the results of any statistical tests and explain what these tests mean in relation to the experiment and your initial predictions.

o Report statistical tests in APA format (your stats handouts will advise you on this for tests we do this year, and Field (2009) and Field & Hole (2003) also summarise how to report a variety of different tests).

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