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09.05 Assignment Instructions
Free Response Questions are so important in this course, as they are 50% of your Segment Exams and AP Exam. It is important that you are following the College Board format and answering all parts of the question.
FRQs on the AP Exam are set up as “tasks.” Each task, or part of the response should be about two to three sentences.
Examples of task verbs: compare, describe, define, explain, identify
If there are parts to the question (a, b, c, etc.) use those same letters in your answer to identify when you are transition from one part of your answer to another. It will help you stay organized and specific and it will help the AP Reader (scorer) find all the points you should be earning.

  1. Write a response to the prompt that answers all parts of the question.
  2. After you have drafted your response, submit your work to your instructor.

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