Here are a few suggestions about how to write an essay. It can seem a relatively long and demanding task. Don’t worry! – it will get better.


(a) What is an essay?

An essay is a specific type of written, reasoned answer to a specific question which aims to communicate that answer to intelligent readers who do not necessarily know anything about the issues involved. All essays have three main sections (an introduction, a body, and a conclusion), as well as a bibliography and a comprehensive referencing system for its sources. For the moment, I want to concentrate on the three main sections of every essay.

(1) Introduction: Approximately the first ten percent of your essay. It sets the scene by making clear what you take the question to be asking and why is it important to answer it; it tells the reader what your answer will be (your argument); and highlights the key claims that you will defend to justify that argument. You should set out to address the what/why/how and signpost your argument and essay.
(2) Body: This accounts for about the next eighty percent of the essay. The body is where you develop your argument. It starts with the simplest matters (such as definitions and the clarification of basic concepts), and builds in clear and yet increasingly more complex stages until you arrive at your answer (thesis).
(3) Conclusion: The remainder of the essay. A ‘mirror image’ of the Introduction, in that it too restates the question, reviews the key stages of your argument, and shows that you have argued logically and convincingly for your thesis.

In short: tell them what you are going to tell them (introduction), tell them it (body), and tell them what you told them (conclusion).

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