Mr Fosters develops central chest pain 8/10.
Obs: BP 182/96: HR 88; RR24; Sats 95%; Temp 37.5; You notify the RN and administer SL GTN as per PRN Medication orders and attend to an ECG.
Mr Foster then states his chest pain has eased, now 2/10, but he has a headache and is feeling dizzy. You repeated his obs: 104/62; HR 86; RR 26; Sats 96%; Temp 37.5
Administering GTN has an impacted on Mr Foster’s physiology.

(a) Identify the variances in Mr Foster’s observations from pre GTN to post GTN.
(b) Explain why these variances occurred (50-100 words). Consider the action of the medication and its effect on Mr Foster.

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